Tears of Joy
Ilkka Aunu & Tapio Aunu Tears of Joy Story

Tears of Joy performs energetic good-time rock-music of it`s founding members Ilkka and Tapio Aunu. The group was founded in autumn 2012 by the time the brothers started their studies in different parts of Finland - Tapio began studying industrial design in University of Lapland in Rovaniemi and Ilkka began studying composition and music theory in Sibelius-Academy in Helsinki. Our goal is to produce Great Art and present it to people.


The music of Tears of Joy has it`s roots in the tradition of rock music: powerful male vocals and classic rock sound is enriched by original harmonies and form structures in music. In Tears of Joy’s music you’ll always have a clear distinct direction - every moment is intriguing, every sound is alive.